Global Marketing System To Boost Developers’ Exposure Worldwide

The Best Global Marketing Solution for New Construction Residential Developers
Our robust global marketing system attracts and gives value to high-end buyers of luxury residences as they search for their next purchase.


Buyers have zero cost; Developer Sellers only pay a small fee.

Billed Monthly – Commitment Free, Commission Free

Platinum Global Residences’ custom-made Google search algorithm has been proven to be successful worldwide in attracting buyers of Residential New Construction. Platinum offers a very inexpensive marketing strategy to complement Developers’ current outreach. For only a small fee per month, we give Developers a worldwide platform where many active buyers for new construction luxury residences are already searching.

Platinum Global Residences is always growing essential connections with Developers, their in-house sales organizations, high net worth friends, architects, and lenders. All of said connections and their friends have been proven to be great buyers in the international marketplace.

Platinum’s connections from search campaigns and personal outreach are complemented with adwords remarketing which ensures that our listings stay in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands of top-tier potential buyers and friends of buyers who want their 2nd or 3rd residence.

Developers’ monthly investment in our platform is tremendously magnified by the teamwork of other like-minded Developers. Sharing the cost across a team transforms marketing from very expensive into very manageable.

Developer Members save tens of thousands on referral and commission fees. Buyers who come to our site are directed to the Developer’s individual website and contact the Developer team directly. Platinum Global Residences is free of commitments, referral fees, and commission.

We hope to revolutionize the marketing of new construction worldwide. Would you like to join our community and help realize the Developer’s dream for marketing? 

Sellers Love Platinum Global Residences

Developer Sellers love us because of the value and connections they receive for less than 1% of their monthly carrying cost. A full year of Global Exposure and Marketing is often less than ⅕ of a single referral fee. We provide something completely unique in the world of marketing. The power of Teamwork. Many Developers invest a very small monthly membership fee to fund a massive global marketing system laser-focused on finding the buyers at the time of their searching and purchasing cycle.

We do one thing and we do it the best. We find the best Developers of luxury residences while also attracting high net worth buyers looking for their second and third residences.

#1 Website Marketing Agency with Proven Results

All the trade secrets that we have developed over the last 20 years have been invested and tested in a Google search algorithm that is second to none. We pay substantially higher “per click” fees to enhance our exclusive search algorithm to improve listing placement in front of your buyers. We don’t simply “tag” wealthy people, high income earners, ferrari or yacht owners – those general searches already have billions spent on them. We know what Buyers search for during the time of purchasing. We know how to find buyers, bring them to our site, and incentivize them to reach out to Developer Sellers directly.

#2 We Know New Construction Residential Sales

We have been succeeding in this field for 20 years with over 600 transactions in price ranges between $1 to $19 million, in one of the most expensive, competitive, and digitally advanced marketplaces in the world: Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

Platinum Global Residences’ customized algorithms connect buyers directly to sellers. Buyers love to deal directly with the Developer or their representatives because they love to utilize the commission savings to upgrade their unit or pay monthly fees.

#3 We Know International New Construction Residential Buyers

Many international buyers own more than 2 residences. Most of these buyers prefer the design and quality of new construction to complement their globe-trotting lifestyle. Simply stated, new construction high rises are perceived as the most safe, secure, and attractive lifestyle choice.

The world is changing – buyers’ desires are changing – this website enables buyers to make those changes effortlessly.  

#4 We Attract Buyers and Incentivize Them to Work Directly with Sellers’ Teams

All developers know the power of teamwork, online marketing, and the value of international buyer introductions. Most importantly, all Developers appreciate getting value for their investments and love the idea of boosting the reach of their advertising expenditures hundreds of times over.

ZERO Cost to Buyers, ZERO Commissions, ZERO Referral Fees, ZERO Hidden Costs

Taking the Guesswork out of Marketing

Our Unique 4 Step Approach Puts You in Front of Millions of Potential Leads

  1. Dominate the Web

Our team of development, PR, and SEO experts have created a site that is prominently positioned on the web to respond to keywords specifically targeted to the project development and sales industry. We show up first.

  1. Foster Connections

Being the best at what we do means we have the most extensive network of Buyers and Sellers worldwide. We are the 

first to reach clients and agents looking for their next luxury home as well as developers searching for Agents and Buyers.

Our team and site are built to foster these relationships to create a seamless sales cycle for our listings.

  1. Strategic Remarketing

There’s no better way to close a deal than to be in the right place, at the right time, and with the right offering. Remarketing makes this happen. As people explore our site, our algorithms track their interests and place listings prominently across other online adspaces, so we stay at the forefront of their mind all day.

  1. Beat Our Own Record

At the top, we are always competing with ourselves. To do this, we invest heavily in our design, SEO optimization, site development, and client satisfaction. We constantly re-evaluate and re-invest in our performance. Our expertise is accessible to companies of all sizes.